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Most technologies, once implemented, are simply left to stagnate. eCase’s service is different. We’re constantly beside you on your journey of continuous optimisation, ensuring that you are always realising the maximum value from your investment and our innovations.

Whilst the eCase Platform is the best of breed built for purpose technology, the ECO Programme focusses on the people and process pillars of transformation. Our ECO Team’s unique knowledge and experience of public sector correspondence management ensures that you are taking advantage of industry best practices. We make sure that all of your stakeholders are engaged and recognise the benefits of our service.

These are just some of the elements of our unique ECO Programme.

News: MOD & eCase DL100 Finalists

We are honoured that the MOD’s transformation of its Data Protection Request Service to ex-service personnel has been recognised in the #DL100 Digital Leaders award shortlist. Fivium worked with the MOD on this and, in creating a comprehensive end-to-end digital service, the MOD has:

– Freed up the equivalent of 5 people’s time by creating a seamless way for personnel to request their information.

– Saved 70,000 hours a year through efficient and seamless case processing.

– Made access to information easy for people of all digital abilities.

Better, together

eCase enables you to log, process and respond to all your correspondence in one place, ensuring consistency of responses and reductions in duplication of work.

FOIs and EIRs

Track, manage and action every step of the FOI/EIR process from one comprehensive system.

Data protection & subject access requests

Validate identification documents and log payment, request and collate subject information, whilst keeping track of progress and staying on time.


Act upon complaints as they arise. Log every interaction and manage, create and send all responses from just one system.

General Correspondence

Manage all correspondence types, create simple responses, group similar correspondence, through to approvals tracking and sign-off.

Ministerial correspondence

Handle all types of MC, including No. 10 requests, Dear Colleague and more - all the way through to approval and ministerial sign-off.

Parliamentary questions

Get end-to-end Parliamentary Questions management for all PQ types, across all teams, all in one system.

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