Policy Units

Provide your specialist policy knowledge quickly and consistently with eCase.


Save Time

Spend less time creating individual responses, giving you more time for your core tasks.

Find, use and reuse materials that you’ve already created and reduce the demand on your time.

Provide boilerplate text (Standard lines) so others can answer common questions on your subject matter quicker.

Never miss a deadline

All your cases, of all types, are delivered straight into your workbasket. See the most urgent ones at-a-glance.

Contribute to others’ cases easily

Get all the key facts and documents in one handy screen. Provide a response just by hitting reply to the contribution request email.



Get an aerial View

View your cases, their statuses and owners, straight from your workbasket.

See all activity on topics that interest you across all teams, for all case types. See what other teams are doing, track by theme, join up the issues and identify bottlenecks.

All your cases in one system

eCase handles all the different question and correspondence case types, including PQs, MCs, TOs, FOIs and many more – so you can get a complete view of all communications in one place.


Work with everyone

Easily collaborate with your colleagues in different teams and, with PQs, MCs, TOs and FOIs all in eCase, ensure you provide a consistent response every time.

Get the background

Find out the things that cases have in common using eCase's powerful search. Look up previous correspondence by postcode, by person, by area, topic etc.

You can even save your search criteria, so you can run frequent searches quicker next time.



Answer FAQs - quicker

Create responses to common questions, so you and your colleagues can deal with them quicker using Standard lines (boilerplate text responses).

eCase even suggests Standard lines to the drafter – no need to search – that they can select with just one click.

Stay informed

Watch cases you want to keep an eye on and you’ll get progress notifications as other people work on them at every key step.



Easy to use

eCase is easy and intuitive. And, if you do forget, eCase’s comprehensive help guides you through, step-by-step.

Never lose a case

eCase keeps all case information together so all files, documents and supporting information are attached to the case. There’s also full timeline and audit trail for every case – so nothing gets lost and you’ll always know where you are and what’s happened so far.


Manage cases and communications quicker and better

Key Terms

Tag your case with the Key Terms (keywords that help categorise a case) to identify other cases that might be similar and help you produce a response.



Link Cases

Group similar cases together to avoid duplication of effort and answer consistently and efficiently.

Get the information that matters to you straight to your inbox

Get simple reports by email on the key things you need to know however often you like with Digest Emails.


eCase Redact

Easily redact sensitive information in your document and add comments to each redaction in eCase. Everything’s audited so you can easily trace who redacted what.

eCase removes all redacted and hidden information from the file completely, based on the National Archives’ best practice for redaction. It also includes the controls to prevent accidental release.



Choose eCase

eCase is the correspondence management solution for your whole organisation, packed with features that make it quicker and easier to manage cases and correspondence. Process and respond to PQs, MCs, TOs Complaints, Enquiries, FOIs, EIRs, DPAs/SARS and many more, easily with eCase.

Backed by our knowledgeable, friendly support, we look after the background processes so you can focus on delivering quality responses, on time, every time.

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eCase is used by the Ministry of Defence, HM Treasury, HMRC, DWP, DCMS and more.
Find out how eCase can help you and why it is the correspondence case management service the public sector relies on.

  • Used across central government, local government and police forces
  • Secure UK-based hosting, accredited to OFFICIAL level
  • Crown Commercial Service supplier, available through G-Cloud

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