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Information Rights Webinar Series 2021 Roundup

Earlier this month we rounded off what has been a great year for our Information Rights Webinar series. We started 2021 with the aim of providing discussion and best practices around public sector information rights and governance. What followed, and the support we gained from across the community, has really blown us away.

Thought leaders from across the public sector have offered their time to impart their knowledge on a whole raft of subjects from managing SARs and FOIs to dealing with vexatious requests and the manifestly unfounded/excessive principle. We’ve consistently had webinar registrations in the hundreds, so we’d like to say a big thank you to all those panellists who have given up their time and expertise to help the community.

We’d also like to thank you for being such an active and engaged audience and for your passion, commitment and dedication. It is your feedback that has driven the ideas and topics for each of our webinars and steered us into producing the most meaningful and insightful webinars possible, so please keep those ideas coming. If you’d like to discuss topics for webinars or if you'd like to take part, please get in touch with me -

We’d also like to reserve a special thanks to Lynn Wyeth who has chaired and taken part in many of our webinars. With Lynn’s expertise and direction, our webinars have been much richer and more insightful.

We hope that you’ll join us a gain when we’re back 2022 for many more best practice, practitioner-focussed webinars on public sector information rights and governance. If you missed any of our webinars this year, or would like to recap, there are links to each of them below:

March 2021

Is FOI an Endangered Species?

The Evolution of Data Protection

May 2021

Transparency - The Key to Democracy

A Recipe for Succes in FOI

Learning’s and Successes - UKRI’s IG Transformation Journey

Dealing with Complex SARs

September 2021

Requester Blind - Principle and Practice

Remodelling Request Management - North Lincolnshire Council’s Route to Success

Managing EIRs

October 2021

Manifestly Unfounded / Manifestly Excessive

The State of FOI in Local Government

November 2021

The DPR Clinic

Managing Vexatious Requests

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