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Information Rights Reporting - 5 key features you need to make your life easier

There are many burdens that impact the working life of an Information Rights professional, from triaging and drafting, to quality assurance and analysis. eCase takes the hassle out of each of these steps. One of the key areas that all of our customers realise significant time savings is in reporting. In some organisations, reporting tasks that used to take a day or even longer are now done in seconds.

Here are our top reporting features that could be improving the quality of your work and saving you time:

Ready-made ICO reports

Reporting tools allow you to easily analyse large amounts of data over weekly, monthly, or annual time periods. There are a number of pre-defined reports that you can extract with the click of a button including quarterly and annual Information Commissioner’s Office templates that some organisations need to submit to the Cabinet Office.

One-click Reporting

Set up your own predefined reports that are accessible and update at the click of a button. Using Bulk Reports, you can predetermine what fields you want to include in your data analysis. This provides you with automatically refreshed data each time you need it in a variety of different formats, from graphs to spreadsheets.

Team Statistics

Using our Team Statistics view, your staff can view, at a glance, statistics on how many cases are open, how many are overdue, how many are closed within target, and how these look as percentage figures.

Key Information Snapshots

  • Using Case Search you can locate specific pieces of information that give you an indication of performance at any given time. This could include:
  • How many cases received this week with a certain Key Term
  • How many open cases within a particular department
  • How many open cases are currently with a certain Drafter

Key Stats Delivered Straight to your Inbox

In addition to reporting templates, Digest Emails allow users to schedule tailored emails that include case summaries, statistics or any other information that is relevant. These can be set up to go to all eCase users or just individual users, who perhaps don’t use eCase as frequently, with more tailored information.

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