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Creating Efficiencies in Information Rights

If you managed to see last week’s webinar, “Driving Value: Creating Efficiencies in Information Rights”, then you will have benefitted from seeing our best in class methodology for improving the way your Information Rights cases are processed. If you missed this, then there is a second chance to view our recording.

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At its heart, our method is simple. For any new project to make Information Rights processing more efficient, you need three things, People, Process, and Technology. Take one of these out, and the risk of failure increases.


Change management (or lack of) can often represent the biggest risk to any project. Ensuring that the stakeholder community understands the project’s journey is key to securing engagement from them. Our certified change management practitioners provide a proven process for managing change, ensuring your project is as streamlined as possible.


Ensuring you have the correct processes in place enables you to realise value from your project in the shortest time possible. Our team provide best in class processes for project areas including onboarding, training, creating a working model, and achieving your vision. Key to this is flexibility, we understand that every organisation has different working practices, expectations and goals. Our wide-ranging knowledge of the Information Rights landscape allows us to ensure best practice process, but we offer flexibility which ensures the process fits around you.


The final part is technology. eCase is the enabler, providing a secure, best in class service that rapidly helps you realise value. Having technology that is built specifically to your needs rather than larger ‘catch-all technology’ ensures you are able to manage cases using industry best practice. With easy-to-use technology that fits your needs, you can be assured of high compliance, reduced risk and ongoing efficiency savings.

In our webinar, ‘Driving Value: Creating Efficiencies in Information Rights’, we delve further into each of these areas and show why eCase is the most trusted supplier for Information Rights case management.

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