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More FOI and DP webinars this September

This September we'll be hosting the next part of our popular FOI and Data Protection webinar series for practitioners across the public sector. This time, our expert panellists will be offering insights and practical, implementable advice on 'Requester Blind' and 'Manifestly Unfounded / Manifestly Excessive' along with a range of other subjects, all of which have been chosen by you.

The full range of webinars will be announced in the next few weeks. Make sure you are subcribed to our latest webinar news and useful resources.

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Transparency - the key to democracy

Monday 24th May 1-1.45pm

Join Bill Goodwin, Investigations Editor at Computer Weekly, as he gives a journalist's view of FOI and why it is such an important tool for holding Governments to account. In this webinar, Bill will share details of cases that have been involved in challenges to the FOI Act itself and those that reinforced the importance of FOI as a force for good.

He will also discuss the challenges faced by journalists when making an FOI request and why upholding the right to know is pivotal to our democracy.

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A Recipe for Success in FOI

Tuesday 25th May, 1-1.45pm

What are the essential elements needed for success? What are the problems and what are the common stumbling blocks faced by FOI teams? These are just some of the questions that Lynn Wyeth, Head of Information Governance and DPO at Leicester City Council, asked in her extensive study of Local Government in England as part of her PhD thesis.

Through her work Lynn has identified not just the elements, but also the practises that set FOI teams up for success - findings that will resonate for FOI teams across the public sector.

Join Lynn, as she shares her findings and details what FOI teams need to put in place to ensure timely, efficient and successful request management.

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Learnings and Successes - UKRI's IG Transformation Journey

Wednesday 26th May, 1-1.30pm

When UKRI were formed, bringing together seven research councils, Innovate UK and Research England, they had the challenge of merging the practises and processes and sometimes the tools of nine different Information Governance teams into one cohesive way of working. Join David Hyett, Head of Information Governance at UKRI as he shares UKRI’s IG transformation experience and what the learnt along the way: from merging nine different organisations, to harnessing the right tools, identifying and delivering process improvements, dealing with the challenges he and his team faced and how they delivered a successful outcome.

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Dealing with Complex SARs - Practical tips for better management

Thursday 27th May 11-11.45am

Complex SARs, by their very nature, are difficult and time consuming to deal with. The considerations that need to be made for this type of SAR are also, often, far reaching. This webinar looks at the common types of complex SARs, the issues encountered when dealing with them and the practical steps that you can take to mitigate these issues and improve processing and management.

Lynn Wyeth, Barry Moult and Estelle Dehon will lend their knowledge, experience and advice on how to handle these requests better.

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Meet the panellists

Bill Goodwin

Bill Goodwin

Investigations Editor of tech publication Computer Weekly, Bill specialises in privacy, surveillance and national security.
In the latter part of 2020 and early 2021, he took a special interest in, and covered, a number of the cases affected by the Territorial Jurisdiction question which resulted in a Tribunal which upheld the notion of 'No Territorial limitation' for FOI in late January 2021.

Lynn Wyeth

Lynn Wyeth

Lynn Wyeth is the Head of the Information Governance function and the Data Protection Officer of a large unitary public authority and has over 15 years' experience as a Freedom of Information practitioner. She holds a post graduate diploma in Information Rights and the CISMP certificate, the Data Protection BCS ISEB and the Freedom of Information BCS ISEB, and is an accredited HSCIPP privacy practitioner. Lynn’s current team won the Information and Records Management Society Team of the Year award in 2018.

Lynn is the author of 2 books, A Practical Guide to Handling Freedom of Information Requests, and Data Protection: Compliance in Practice. She has contributed a chapter to the book 'Freedom Fighters or Lazy Journalism: Critical reflections on freedom of information' edited by John Mair and Tom Felle.

Lynn is a Chair and regular speaker at national conferences on information governance matters, as well as running training for several IG training companies as well as her own company.

Lynn advised the Government of Jersey on the implementation of FOI legislation on the island. She also sits on the examination board of PDP’s FOI journal and is currently undertaking a PhD on Freedom of Information at De Montfort University, Leicester.

Read Lynn's Guest blog

David Hyett

David Hyett

David Hyett has been Head of Information Governance and Data Protection Officer at UK Research and Innovation since its formation in 2018. Prior to this, he has held a number of information related roles and first became involved with data protection with planning for implementation of the 1998 Data Protection Act. He is a firm believer in the value of information governance, both in terms of risk reduction and business benefits.

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Barry Moult

Barry Moult

Winner of the Information Commissioner's Office award for Excellence in Data Protection 2020. Keynote speaker at national conferences, with a down to earth pragmatic approach to Data Protection/IG. Barry is Chair of the 'Excellence in Health Care' Conferences and also founder and Chair of the Eastern Region IG Forum since 2003 and former Chair of the NHS National Strategic Information Governance Network (SIGN) group (2015 – 2018).

Barry is Data Protection Consultant and DPO for 60 GP practices, 3 hospices and a number of organisations providing Information Governance support, DSPT submission, gap analysis, audit and training. He has delivered training for SIROs, Caldicott Guardians, GDPR, FOI, SARs, DPIA etc to GPs (Caldicott Guardians) and practice mangers for NHS England in Northants, Leicester, Lincolnshire, Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire.

Estelle Dehon

Estelle Dehon

Estelle Dehon is a public law barrister at Cornerstone Barristers. She is recognised as a leading barrister in information law with particular expertise in data protection, big data, profiling, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Estelle represents both requesters and public authorities in access to information cases, and successfully represented the investigative journalist Stefania Maurizi before the Information Tribunal in the leading case on the extent of the right of access to information. She is a member of the European Commission’s Multistakeholder Expert Group on the GDPR, which assists the Commission in dealing with potential challenges in implementing the GDPR across Europe.

The other main area of Estelle's practice is environment and planning law, in which she is also recognised as a leading barrister specialising in climate change matters and in advising on how development can comply with net-zero carbon requirements. She has acted for NGOs and community groups opposing fracking, acidisation, open cast coal mining, oil drilling and airport expansion. Estelle’s broader public law work includes acting for two NHS doctors challenging failures around providing Personal Protective Equipment to frontline NHS workers and acting for A-level students challenging the use of an algorithm to determine their 2020 results.

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Best Practice for Information Rights

Customer Success Manager and Best Practice expert Lucie Fabbro shares best practice tips for that can help your team improve efficiency and performance even if you aren't an eCase user.

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Is FOI an endangered species?

With FOI response rates at their lowest levels since the Act came into force, the emergence of ‘the Clearing House’ and January's Tribunal concerning territorial limitations, concern for the Act and transparency has grown.

But what is the true state of FOI in 2021? Hear from FOI experts Estelle Dehon, Jon Baines, Maurice Frankel OBE and William Goodwin in our panel session, and decide for yourself.

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The Evolution of Data Protection

The events of the last year have presented new challenges for all of us. Our relationship with data, our need for it and how we use it has changed. This has brought Data Protection further into the spotlight with new approaches requiring DPOs to answer new questions in ways they couldn’t have envisaged a year ago. But what have the key challenges been? What are the effects and what lies ahead?

Get the perspectives of Data Protection experts Jon Baines, Barry Moult and David Hyett in our webinar panel session discussing these issues and how to combat them..

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Learnings and Successes

David Hyett discusses UKRI's transformation of FOI and SAR processes, what they learned along the way and the benefits.

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Transparency and Democracy

Bill Goodwin takes a look at some of the challenges the FOI Act is facing .Looking through the lens of the 'requester blind' principle, he discusses why these principles are so important to maintaining transparency, surfacing important truths and, in turn, democracy itself.

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A Recipe for Success in FOI

Lynn Wyeth shares the results of her extensive research on FOI in Local Government and the key components required to ensure successful FOI management

Read Lynn's Blog

Where is FOI Going?

Jon Baines explores the fall in FOI response rates, how the act is currently regulated, and what this could mean for the future.

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Questioning the Fundamentals of FOIA

In her two part blog series, Estelle Dehon of Cornerstone Barristers discusses 'requester blindness', part of the bedrock of the FOIA, what the implications of the 'Territoriality' question could have meant for public authorities, the appeals and issues raised in the Tribunal and what the decision on 27th January 2021 means for FOI and its preservation.

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