Case management, specially designed for the UK public sector

FOI, Parliamentary Questions, Ministerial Correspondence, Complaints, Treat Officials, DPA/SARs and more. Easy to use, online, end-to-end.


Better, faster responses to every kind of case

eCase lets your team log, process and respond to correspondence for every kind of case, all in one place. PQs, MCs, FOIs, TOs, Complaints, Compliments, DPAs/SARs, Cabinet Committee Communications and Campaigns - eCase keeps it all together.


Parliamentary Questions

Get end-to-end Parliamentary Questions management for all PQ types, across all teams, all in one system.


Ministerial Correspondence

Handle all types of MC, including No. 10 requests, Dear Colleague and more - all the way through to approval and ministerial sign-off.



Act upon complaints as they arise. Log every interaction and manage, create and send all responses from just one system.


Treat Official

Manage all correspondence types, create simple responses, group similar correspondence, through to approvals tracking and sign-off.


FOIs and EIRs

Track, manage and action every step of the FOI/EIR process from one comprehensive system.


Data Protection & Subject Access Requests

Validate identification documents and log payment, request and collate subject information, whilst keeping track of progress and staying on time.



Respond to more cases on time, generate quarterly and annual stats automatically, and publish responses publicly.



Log questions, store documents, manage enquiries better and resolve them quickly. Do it all in eCase.

eCase helps with all aspects of managing cases across the UK public sector: central and local government, arms-length bodies and services like police forces and NHS trusts.

eCase works for everyone

See how eCase helps everyone in your organisation get the job done - from the comms team to the Secretary of State

  • Parliamentary Team
  • FOI/DPA Team
  • Ministerial Correspondence Team
  • Private Office
  • Policy Units
  • Comms Team

Specifically designed for the parliamentary process

Stay on time and never miss a deadline. eCase is packed with features to make answering PQs quicker and easier.

Get PQs imported straight from the Houses of Parliament, ready for allocation. Group similar PQs together and avoid duplication. Know where every PQ is, all the time, and manage the process all the way through the review and approvals process to closure.

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The right response, every time

Manage all aspects of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, Environmental Information Requests (EIR), and Data Protection (DPA)/Subject Access Requests (SAR) in eCase.

Log, process and respond to correspondence of every kind and keep all your information in one place. eCase helps you manage the whole process, making it easier for you to deliver quality responses, faster.

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Never miss a deadline

Manage all types of Ministerial Correspondence (MC) and MP Correspondence, including No. 10 requests, Dear Colleague and more with eCase.

Create the draft responses, gather information and manage the process all the way through to approval and Ministerial sign-off.

With eCase you can see where all your cases are at a glance - so you can stay on track, and on time, and never miss a deadline.

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Fast, high-quality responses to every case

Get better quality drafts first time round and fewer iterations. Know where everything is in the review, approvals and tracking process. Get the information you need quickly and easily, with all correspondence and case information in one place.

Handle cases better and stay on time.

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Share your expertise

Provide your specialist policy knowledge quickly and consistently with eCase. Get all the key facts and documents in one handy screen.

Spend less time creating individual responses. Find, use and reuse materials that you’ve already created and reduce the demands on your time.

Provide standard text, so others can answer common questions on your subject matter quicker.

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See the whole picture

No more switching from system to system to manage your cases: Correspondence, MCs, TOs, PQs, FOIs, Enquiries, Complaints and more are all available in eCase.

Contribute to a wide variety of correspondence in a slick, modern, intuitive system, that moves with the times and your needs.

See the whole picture so you can join up the issues, ensure that messaging is consistent and provide a response, quickly.

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eCase is used by the Ministry of Defence, HM Treasury, HMRC, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and more.

  • Used across central government, local government and police forces
  • Secure UK-based hosting, accredited to OFFICIAL level
  • Crown Commercial Service supplier, available through G-Cloud

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